GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution: The Ultimate Eating Machine

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Pacha maze solution, courtesy of Torben

A couple trips to the grocery store later, and we’ve pretty much recovered from dog sitting — see above for a hint why. Yes, this is Pacha, the Ultimate Eating Machine. And many of you solved our food’s circuitous path through Pacha, including through her hollow left hind leg and similarly hollow tail.

The winner this week, randomly selected from correct entries is Torben, Giver of Header Images, who said the following of his solution method: “As usual, I let the computer do the hard work and utilised one of my favourite maze-solving algorithms (it is so simple that I and the children can use it easily): Fill the dead-ends first (red); separate alternative paths between two points and fill all but one of them (blue), preferably leaving the shortest — the remaining (white) is the wanted path through the maze.”

In other news, Will found two possible paths and wondered if Pacha had, maybe, herniated her small intestine; Earl wondered if I might be willing to take care of two cats — and by “take care of” I assume he meant baste them with hotdog drippings and put them in the garage with Pacha for an hour.

The rest of you may use code GEEKDAD93SF for $10 off a $50.00 ThinkGeek order. Don’t forget to drop by on Monday, the day of Labor, for another installment from our puzzlemeister, Dave G.

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