Today Is Deadline for Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

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The Thousand Year Game ChallengeThe Thousand Year Game Challenge

Back in January, we mentioned game designer extraordinaire Daniel Solis’s Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. The contest is all about creating a game that will still be played in the year 3011. No mean feat. After all, a thousand years is a long time. But Daniel’s making it interesting, putting up $1,000 of his own money to the winner.

Since he announced the contest, it has received dozens of submissions as well as praise by gaming industry giants like James Ernest and Jane McGonigal.

“I entered the contest because I liked the idea of designing games that aren’t intended for sale,” Ernest said. “We tend to identify game design as product design, but they are really two disciplines. Unfortunately, if it can’t be sold, it typically never gets made. So this was a great chance to do that.”

If you think you’ve got the perfect idea that will stand the test of time, better hurry. Today’s the last day to enter, so head on over to the site and submit.

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge
Daniel Solis

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