Hey, Buddy, Got Change for a Vader?

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While our currency loses value day after day, one South Pacific currency is about to hit hyperdrive in value. The island nation of Niue is about to issue a series of 40 Star Wars coins to celebrate the film. The coins, which will have a face value of about NZ$2 (US$1.66), will be sold in sets of four for NZ$469 (US$390). The coins will be struck from silver and be issued until 2014 when all 40 coins will be available. A cheaper, silver-plated coin will also be minted. The coins, which are being created by the New Zealand Treasury and are solely intended for the collector market, will debut at the American Numismatic Association show in Chicago, this week. Now, to find out if Jawas will take New Zealand dollars in place of Imperial Credits …

Via The Telegraph.

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