GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: The Ultimate Eating Machine

Geek Culture

Pacha, the ultimate eating machine

Carcharodon carcharias? Nope. The man-eating tigers of the Sundabarns? Nope. This is a picture of Pacha, the world’s most deadly efficient eating machine — our friends’ dog whom we sat this past weekend. Like an expert poker player looking for opponents’ most minute tells, Pacha watched my wife and I for any sign of waning vigilance. Dare we answer the phone, resolve offspring complications, or attempt laundry maintenance, Pacha was on any available food like a billion-strong swarm of locusts. It seems hotdogs are her natural prey. Macaroni and cheese, too. Or buttered bagels.

Can you follow the path of the majority of the food we tried to serve our kids this weekend, and thus solve this GeekDad Puzzle of the Week? Send your answer to Geekdad Puzzle Central by the end of the day on Friday for your chance at a $50.00 ThinkGeek gift certificate!

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