Dallas Clayton’s East Coast Awesome World Tour!


Dallas ClaytonDallas Clayton

Dallas Clayton at the Greeley County Public Library in Tribune, Kansas

Dallas Clayton, the super-awesome author-illustrator of An Awesome Book and An Awesome Book of Thanks, signed a deal earlier this month with Harper Collins, who will be publishing a version of this book that he’s been self-publishing and giving away all over the country. Yesterday Clayton announced that he’ll be going back on tour September 10-18, this time on the East Coast, reading and giving away more books. But that’s not all!

From his announcement:


If you’re on the East Coast and have access to an awesome location and an awesome group of kids (of any age), e-mail us and help plan the tour. Mommy groups, girl scout troupes, organizers, local charities — help us support your communities.

If you’re not, e-mail us anyway! We’ll be organizing several tours throughout 2011, and chances are we’ll be in your area some time this year.

Also, as an added bonus: if you, your school, or your local community gathering space has a wall in need of a mural, we’ll be painting murals up and down the coast!

This will be awesome!

Awesome, indeed. Clayton and his crew came through Tribune, Kansas, earlier this summer and everyone really loved his contagious exuberance. If you’re on the East Coast, you should definitely try to catch him on the tour, and invite him to your town!

For more about his books, read my earlier reviews of An Awesome Book and An Awesome Book of Thanks.

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