Boba Fett and Superhero Planters Are Awesomesauce For Geek Green Thumb Types


From clay pot to custom Eddie sculptureFrom clay pot to custom Eddie sculpture

Boba Fett Eddie by Darryl Besch. (image from db studios -used with permission)

You know what makes just about any plant grow better? Sure, some fertilizer, plenty of sun and water will do wonders, but I’m willing to bet nothing would beat this Boba Fett planter sculpture from London, Ontario artist Darryl Besch and his db studios. Buried deep in the basement and sheltered from all sunlight, nothing grows in my office, but I could see one of these replacing the bowl I use for all those promotional thumb drives I’ve been accumulating over the years. well, maybe the Micro SD card collection —this Boba is only five inches tall.

You can check out more of Darryl’s unique, pop culture influenced terracotta pot sculptures here, including designs inspired by Batman, Superman, Alice in Wonderland and others. Better yet, you can buy one through his Etsy store. And for those who have youngsters still working through those alphabet fundamentals, one of Darryl’s whimsical “Starts With A” series of customized paintings (also available on Etsy) would make a pretty cool decoration for the nursery or playroom.

"Starts With A" painting by Darryl Besch. (image from db studios -used with permission).

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