Terraclips Will Bring Amazing Modular Dimensional Maps to Your RPG Game

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Sewer stench not included.Sewer stench not included.

Last year, when Terraclips, a modular terrain system for role playing games, was announced, RPG fans got pretty excited. But manufacturing mishaps and misunderstandings led to a less than acceptable outcome. Rather than release an inferior product, WorldWorks Games and Wyrd Miniatures decided to trash the whole first run and start over. Fast forward twelve months and Terraclips are ready for release next week at GenCon in Indianapolis and after playing around with a set for a couple of weeks, I can happily announce that WorldWorks really got it right – Terraclips are pretty darn awesome.

Terraclips were developed to be paired with Wyrd Miniatures’ RPG, Malifaux. The initial offering from terrain masters, WorldWorks, includes three sets of terrain: sewers, streets and buildings. Each set requires a set of translucent connectors to join the elements. Whether you choose streets, buildings or sewers, each package contains an overabundance of pieces that can be combined in as many combinations as your imagination can dream up. What’s more, each of the sets can be combined with each other to create a vast and varied landscape.

The terrain pieces are very easy to assemble and can be layered with multiple floors that can be removed with minimal effort to play out encounters in rooms on lower floors. While the terrain is intended for the game Malifaux, the one-inch grid can be used for most RPG systems and is suitable for 25-32 mm miniatures.

If you’re headed to Gen Con, Terraclips will be available in limited quantities at Wyrd Miniatures, booth 1831. Soon after, you’ll be able to purchase from WorldWorks Games, Wyrd Miniatures, your friendly local game store and online retailers everywhere. Terrain sets will retail for $49.00 and connector packs, which include 120 clips, will be $18.00.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a set of terrain and clips for review.

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