GeekDad Giveaway: DNA Portraits from DNA 11


DNA 11, the company that brought DNA Art to the masses, is going back in history for its latest art from life masterpiece – the DNA Ancestry Portrait. DNA Ancestry Portraits combine the science of genealogy with the technology of the mobile and social web to create a new form of augmented art.

They begin with a sample of your DNA which is then sequenced to determine your mtDNA haplogroup, essentially your maternal lineage dating back thousands of years to the original homosapiens in Africa. Your sequenced DNA, visualized as a sequence of letters and numbers representing gene mutations from a reference sample, is then combined with your unique ID number to create a personal website address that is programmed into a QR Code generator. That QR Code is the artwork that is created. Upon scanning this art piece with a compatible smartphone your personal genetic history is decoded and you are led to a unique ancestry web page where the details of your maternal lineage are unveiled.

Of course, they also still offer their original DNA Art which is the ultimate in Geek Chic.

GeekDad has teamed up with DNA 11 for a really great giveaway! Simply point your browser over to DNA 11′s Facebook site and register. One lucky winner will be chosen to win the grand prize of a 24 x 36 Custom DNA Portrait! Three second prize winner will be chose to receive a copy of Ken Denmead’s book, The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun. The best part is – everyone who enters receives a $100 gift certificate to DNA 11!

Entries are limited however. The giveaway will start today, Monday, July 25th, and only run through Sunday midnight CST. All winners will be announced Monday, August 1st.

DNA 11′s Facebook site:

For more information about DNA 11, click here

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