Comic-Con 2011 Highlight: Adam Savage Sings “My Way” as Gollum

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I’ll check in with a real article (and tons of photos) from Comic-Con tomorrow morning, as I’ve been too busy and too cursed with horrible hotel wi-fi to be able to compose something useful to this point.

However, I can report that last night’s w00tstock 3.0 concert was just brilliant. It featured an assortment of great music, excellent readings, a brilliant sketch that involved Wil Wheaton and surprise guest Felicia Day dramatically kissing each other and pretending it was terrible, and, as if that weren’t enough, Adam Savage singing as Gollum.

Savage has done this before, of course, but as far as I know the only song he’s done publicly is “I Will Survive.” Until now, that is:

(My apologies for the fact that you can’t really see his face very well. The lights were pretty bright, and I haven’t had the time to fix it.)

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