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(Scene: “The Plan” from Shaun of the Dead, Universal Pictures)

Earlier this month, John Booth wrote up a piece on Simon Pegg’s new book, Nerd Do Well. Just a couple of weeks later, and we have a review by Andrea Schwalm, over at GeekMom that gives a different read on it. You might say the book was a bit of a family affair. You see, she read the book with her sons. From the post:

Recently, in the back seat of my car, my older son and his best friend were thinking seriously about their futures:

Friend: So when we grow up, which bar in town will be our hang out?

Son: That Irish pub on Main Street–it’s the most like The Winchester. That way we’ll be set in case we have a zombie apocalypse.

[Ruminative moment of silent head-bobbing-while-gazing-out-into-the-distance ensues.]

Both [thoughtfully]: Yeahhhhhh.


Son [brightly]: Because you’ve got to have a plan!

(Scene: “The Plan” from Shaun of the Dead)

Five years ago, when this same son was battling chronic insomnia brought on by “scary thoughts” of aliens and dying, I could never have predicted that our family movie nights would one day revolve around spaceships and the walking dead–and yet, here we are, celebrating birthdays with an opening-night viewing of Paul and using zombie-homage-flick Shaun of the Dead as a future-happiness benchmark. The common touchstone to these family favorites is Simon Pegg–screenplay-writer and star of Paul, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Run, Fat Boy, Run (and ensemble-member in the latest Star Trek film-franchise, to boot).

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