Brick Bending: A New Twist on Lego Building

Reading Time: 1 minute

Jeff Sanders of Portland, Oregon, loves playing with Lego bricks. That, in itself, is nothing special. What is special is the particular way he plays with them:

Red Wheel LegoRed Wheel Lego

Yes, that is in fact a circle made with Lego bricks. Photo:

Sanders discovered that if you put enough short bricks together, you can actually bend the shapes into curves without breaking them, creating circles, non-Euclidean squares, and even more fanciful shapes. More of his remarkable creations can be seen at his site,, or in his Kickstarter video below:

Ok, so the Kickstarter campaign seems to be largely an excuse to buy a nice camera and a bunch of Lego bricks — why didn’t I think of that? But, if you’d like to support Sanders’ project so he can make some nice how-to videos (and reveal some secrets about Brick Bending 2.0), visit his Kickstarter page and kick in a few bucks.

One more thing worth mentioning: Sanders also posted this video of a Lego labyrinth — featuring Hexbug Nanos, a GeekDad favorite!

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