The First Look at The Hunger Games Movie!

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I can’t remember ever taking more than a passing interest in the details surrounding a book’s adaptation to film. Until now, that is. I eat up ever morsel that gets dropped as The Hunger Games makes its way to the big screen. I man Twitter and Facebook feeds to get the latest casting news as soon as possible.

I also can’t remember the last time that I bought a magazine at a newsstand, but I’ll be lining up today to buy the new Entertainment Weekly. Look at this cover! The issue promises an exclusive interview with Jennifer Lawrence as well as more pictures of her as Katniss.

EW's first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

On a side note, much as I like Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci, I think they are miscast as Haymitch and Caesar Flickerman. I could almost buy Stanley Tucci as a President Snow. And as for Haymitch, well, that rumor of Robert Downey, Jr. just feels mean now. I really had my heart set on it. Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket rules, though.

What are your thoughts on the cast so far?

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5 thoughts on “The First Look at The Hunger Games Movie!

  1. I have to say I really can’t see a Robert Downey Jr Haymitch myself. I like the Woody Harrelson better, but whoever was the last guy they were rumoring before him? It wasn’t someone I was very familiar with, but I did think “Yes, I can see that!” about him much more than any of the other suggestions I’ve seen. And more than Woody Harrelson unfortunately, but who knows!

    I haven’t been overjoyed with the casting, and some of it I’ve been completely puzzled by (particularly the two boys), but I find it heartening that Suzanne Collins is involved in the casting process, so if SHE thinks they work, I’ll go with it!

  2. I think Stanley Tucci will be great as Caesar. Did you see him in “Julie and Julia”? He’s so warm and wonderful, all heart. I think this is good.

    And I can see Woody Harrellson pulling off Haymitch. All in all, I am feeling very good about the casting. Maybe it’s because I just REALLY REALLY want this movie to be great!! 🙂

    1. I’m coming around to Woody Harrelson. Haymitch shows a serious dark side, especially in Mockingjay, and Woody will be able to carry that weight. OK, you guys are selling me.

  3. I’m not very happy about the looks of the characters. But all in all I just want it to be a good movie and for it to be as good as the books. If the cast can pull of the characters it will be fine 🙂

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