Robopocalypse Wants You to Show Off Your Bots


The Robopocalypse is coming!

Book that is, not the future era where we bow to our robot masters – we still have couple more years till then. Last year I had a chance to read Daniel H. Wilson’s field guide on How to Survive a Robot Uprising which is a great book. Now he is following that book with Robopocalypse. This new title tells the stories of the human heroes who saved mankind while battling the robot likes of killer cell phones, evil Baby Comes Alive, murderous elevators and all the devices that currently make our lives wonderful. Seems that this book has already garnered a large reception, DreamWorks announced last November that Spielberg will be directing the film adaptation of Robopocalypse with a 2013 release.

Well that is enough about the book. We wanted to let you know about a contest that the book’s publisher is holding that is perfect for our GeekDad readers. Create and submit a video inspired by the new Robopocalypse book by May 13 and you could win one of three cash prizes ranging from $750 to $250.

You can find everything that you need, including an excerpt of the book, images, directions on how to upload your video, complete rules and other resources at their Facebook page:

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