A Working Ukulele – Made of LEGO Bricks

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Photo used with permission: RoscoHead

We had a collision of geek passions in my household last week when the LEGO geek discovered a build that even his brother could appreciate. During his hourly daily check of Brothers Brick, LEGO Junkie thought he might have achieved geek nirvana (at least as described in our household) when he spotted an ‘ukulele crafted entirely from LEGO bricks.

A LEGO builder known as Rosco took it upon himself to emulate the curves and tunes of a real uke with LEGO bricks. I’d say he was pretty successful. The ‘ukulele is tunable (Rosco used a C-F-A-D tuning, though standard ‘ukulele tuning is G-C-E-A) and playable. Click through to hear a short clip of Rosco playing Puff the Magic Dragon on his LEGO uke.

[Via GeekMom writer Kris Bordessa]

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