Ultra-Light Sneakers Make You Jump for Joy

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Sneaker by Crocs

Crocs clogs have become well-nigh ubiquitous as a sort of un-fashion statement: lightweight, comfortable, slip-on, colorful fun. But of course every brand has to expand these days, and Crocs is no different. They’re trying out a new line of retro-styled sneakers with their “7-Ounce Bounce” technology, and sent me a pair to review.

I like the look of the Bowen. Feels like a cross between an All-Star and a Hush-Puppy (both reasonably geeky footwear of yore). But what’s most startling about these shoes is how light they are. Most of the week, I wear either casual dress shoes, or boots, that weigh in the 1-2 pound range. These Crocs weigh more like half a pound. The sole material is pretty much the same as goes into the clogs, so the springy, squishy feel you may already be familiar with is there. When you walk in them, it can be hard to remember you have shoes on. It feels more like walking on one of those pads they sell for people who need to stand all day.

My biggest caveat with these shoes is that they feel so lightweight that there’s a sense they may not be durable. Obviously time will tell, but I’d say buy these for casual comfort, not running (or even walking) a half-marathon. On the other hand, go take a look at the Crocs Facebook page, and you’ll see a nifty video they shot of a famous parkour running doing his stuff in some of the sneakers. So, they work for that!

[FYI: Crocs supplied the shoes for this review.]

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