Space Shuttle Endeavour Launches Tomorrow With a Special Payload

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When Space Shuttle Endeavour lifts off the pad in Florida this Friday, it will be carrying a very special payload. Contrary to what you might think, it won’t be a communications satellite, ISS module or telescope parts. No, the Endeavour will be carrying thirteen Lego sets that will be used aboard the International Space Station later this year as part of Lego’s Bricks in Space program.

The program, driven by the Lego Education unit, will challenge astronauts to build the models and discover how they react in a microgravity environment. Astronauts will also conduct experiments with the models and share results with teachers, students and classrooms via video channels when the program begins in September. Lego Education will also be making a teacher’s guide and worksheets for students available to those wishing to participate in the program. More information is available on the Bricks in Space site. We hope the ISS astronauts don’t drop any bricks — it’s hard enough to find them on the floor, let alone floating around a space station!

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