GeekDad Giveaway: Lugz Shoes (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Shoes are not something that comes to mind immediately when thinking “geek” but while men don’t get quite as obsessed about their shoes as women, there are certain aspects of footwear that are geeky. For instance, Jonathan Liu tried out specially designed shoes for the barefoot running trend and Brad Moon wrote about Kuro Shoes and Merrell Waterpro Z-Raps. When Lugz approached GeekDad last month to try out their new line of casual shoes, I contacted them because my husband is picky about his shoes and he’s yet to find a casual shoe beyond sneakers that he liked.

We've been testing the black/burgundy pair on the left, the fourth one down.

The shoes Lugz offered seem to be perfect for those in-between times when dress shoes are too much and sneakers are far too little. The husband has been wearing them for about two weeks now and he’s happy to report that the shoes are very comfortable, he likes the look of them and “they feel solid” on his feet. Meaning, that they provide the support that he requires of his footwear.

[Read the rest of this article, and enter the giveaway, on Corrina Lawson’s original post from Wednesday.]

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