GeekDad Challenge of the Week: Physics Is Sexy

Geek Culture

Image by Flickr user epicaxas, used under Creative Commons license

Ah, the fame and fortune that is the life of a physicist! The wild parties, the private jets to Nîce and Bangkok and Budapest, the Russian oil heiresses and Brazilian soccer stars!

What, you might ask, is the secret to a physicist’s charmed life? The answer is alchemy. No, not smushing another proton onto iridium to make platinum and then another to make gold — it’s as simple as creating style from math. Or, more specifically, using common physics equations to transform the following equation into the one below it:



Show the steps you use to get from start to end, submit the solution to the GeekDad I Want To Win Gift Certificate Mailbox by the end of the day on Friday and you’ll have a chance to win a $50.00 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate. Hint: don’t get hung up on whether letters are capital or lowercase.

As an addendum, thanks to dynamic duo of Dave and Dave for bringing me aboard as a GeekDad puzzler!

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