Dark Horse Digital Store Open for Business!

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Dark Horse Digital StoreDark Horse Digital Store

As I mentioned at the end of last year, Dark Horse Comics was preparing to open a digital comics store, bringing you comics on your iDevice (and later, for Android devices) or straight to your computer via a web browser. Well, it’s finally here! The store launches today, and they’ve got a great list of titles which will be available at launch. Might I recommend to you Terminator: 1984 and Serenity: Shepherd’s Tale as two that you might want to check out if you haven’t seen them already?

They’re also throwing in several for free, thanks to the number of fans who signed up already for their email list: full issues of Criminal Macabre, Abe Sapien: The Drowning, Joss Whedon’s Fray, Mass Effect, and The Umbrella Academy.

Don’t have a shiny new iPad 2 to read those comics on? Dark Horse is giving one of those away, along with $100 store credit. Just go to the Dark Horse Digital Store and sign up for their email list before midnight on Friday. (Details are at the site.)

Actually, you know what? Wait until after Friday to sign up — that’ll give me a better shot at winning.

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