Time for the Big Sex Talk


Because It Feels Good, by Debby Herbenick, PhDBecause It Feels Good, by Debby Herbenick, PhD

Picture this: A beautiful, 16-year-old girl, a bright A-student, a good kid, my daughter. Her main extra-curricular activities are the marching and jazz bands, and now she’s been dating her first love, another band geek, for almost one year. He’s adorable, funny, and a true gentleman. What a relief that my girl is sweet on a boy I truly like, and I’m happy for her that she has someone who lets her know how special she is.

Here’s the problem: I’m afraid that it’s time for the big sex talk.

[To find out what Kalynn Huffman Brower’s sex professor friend Dr. Debby Herbenick suggested about getting teens to listen to the big sex talk, visit GeekMom!]

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