Is the Next Superman Film Getting It Right? Amy Adams Lands Lois Lane Role

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Image: Chrisa Kickey, CC BY 3.0

Like many kids who grew up in the ’80s, the Christopher Reeves Superman movies were staple viewing in my household. Unlike the Batman I was familiar with (a la Adam West), Reeves’ Superman was complex, the storytelling was epic and the impact longstanding in regards to my childhood. In other words, Superman was probably the first superhero I actually took seriously.

Now, I’m not a comic book geek. But I do love a good remake. I’m not one of those geeks who clings to the originals if I can help it, and I really enjoy seeing movies redone and reinterpreted, even if they’re bad. Like the last Superman. Nothing was more disappointing, to me, in that particular film than the portrayal of Lois Lane. Lois was a hugely positive role model to me in those first movies, and I loved how Margot Kidder wasn’t typically Hollywood pretty, but had her own fierce beauty and absolute grit. Kate Bosworth, while a very lovely woman, was just a pretty face who really didn’t bring anything new to the franchise other than, well, a super baby. And even she looked bored by her performance.

Anyway, I’ve been listening as the casting process has gone down for this newest Superman reboot. Henry Cavill, in my mind, was a rather inspired choice. Having watched him on The Tudors, his rather unearthly good looks and acting chops make him a great choice. Okay, so Brandon Routh wasn’t that bad, just perhaps lacking that extra something. Cavill, the Brit, I believe could definitely provide that.

But what about Lois? I mentioned before, Bosworth just didn’t cut it. But holy cow did I just do a double take when I read that Amy Adams has been cast in the iconic role. I admit, I absolutely adore Amy Adams. She’s a stunningly versatile actress that plays everything from tough to tender, charming to haunting, and I believe she can do Lois real justice. There’s no doubt that Amy is a beautiful woman, but like Kidder she doesn’t fall into typical Hollywood conventions.

Now I’m just itching to find out what Amy Adams will look like through Zach Snyder’s warped and wonderful lens…

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