How This Particular Anglophile Celebrated Pancake Day (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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My completed English pancake. Photo: Jenny Williams

I’ve never been to England, though I hope to for my 40th birthday (in two years). At least a third of my family background is English, though, and I’ve been drawn in by many a BBC and British television production. There’s just something about that little island and their culture that I love. And I do mean little: England is apparently half the size of my state of Arizona.

Our pancake extras. Photo: Jenny Williams

So when I found out that Tuesday was Pancake Day, I had to find a way to participate. I didn’t think our usual pancake recipe would suffice. It has sour cream, sugar, leavening and spices in it. And only one egg. My pancakes are really tasty, but they just wouldn’t do for this occasion.

I did a Google search for English pancakes, and found a recipe on the BBC website. But someone else on Twitter came through with an easier recipe. I followed the directions exactly, except for the hour to chill the batter

[Read the rest of Jenny’s excellent post.]

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