Happy Birthday (and Happy PAX East) to Us!

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first GeekDad postfirst GeekDad postIf you’re a regular reader of GeekDad, you know that we don’t toot our own horn very often. Please forgive us, then, for this short bout of self-congratulatory excitement.

First, and foremost, today is GeekDad’s fourth birthday. Yes, ’twas on March 15, 2007, when our beloved founder and Editor Emeritus Chris Anderson published the very first article to geekdad.com. In the time since then, the blog’s readership has vastly increased, name recognition of “GeekDad” has gone way up and we’ve grown to have a large and talented group of writers generating what I think is some of the best blog content anywhere. Not that I’m biased, of course. I’m confident that I speak for all of us on GeekDad’s staff when I express, once again, our most humble and profound thanks to Chris: Chris, we all owe you a debt we can never repay for either directly or indirectly getting each of us involved in the blog, but we keep trying to get closer to repaying it by making it something you’ll continue to be proud of having started.

Second, we want to thank everyone at PAX East this past weekend in Boston who came to the Geek Parenting panel run by some of us from GeekDad and GeekMom. You were a great audience, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We’d also like to thank all those who stood in line for our panel but were turned away due to the room filling up, for wanting to join us for our panel — just so you’re aware, the fine folks of the PAX staff have promised us a bigger room for next year.

Below the jump are two pictures from the PAX panel, courtesy of Jeff Peeters of GamerPops.com. Check back on GeekDad tomorrow for a list of all the various games, books, comics, etc. that (we can remember) we recommended at the panel.

PAX East Panel 1PAX East Panel 1

L-R: Kay Holt, Corrina Lawson, Kathy Ceceri, Curtis Silver (standing), Michael Harrison, Natania Barron, Dave Banks (only top of head visible), Matt Blum (standing). Doug Cornelius is standing in front of the table, seen from behind. Photo: Jeff Peeters

PAX East Panel 2PAX East Panel 2

L-R: Kay Holt, Corrina Lawson, Curtis Silver (standing), Kathy Ceceri, Doug Cornelius (foreground, turned away from camera), Michael Harrison, Natania Barron, Matt Blum (standing). Photo: Jeff Peeters

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