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I was moved to re-read The Guild after attending PAX East last weekend. What could be more perfect than a comic that celebrates the bonds that can be created by online multi-player gaming?

The Guild by Felicia Day, Dark HorseThe Guild by Felicia Day, Dark Horse


Cyd’s life is basically going nowhere. She has a boyfriend, Trevor, who not only doesn’t appreciate her, he uses her as his personal doormat, even to the point of stealing her ideas. It’s not until she goes online and finds a community of gamers, The Knights of Good, that Cyd begins to gain some confidence as her alter ego, Codex. She begins to see her real life in a different light. Real bonds are formed with members of her quest team and she realizes that should be reflected more in her real life.

What Kids Will Like About It:

I would rate this more of interest to teens than younger readers. Girls particularly will enjoy Cyd’s struggles to stand up for herself but I think anyone could identify with finding a community on the internet and the kids will like the various characters such as Vork, who believe in rules and logic and just might remind them of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

One small warning. It’s good that Cyd learns to stand up to Trevor but I’m not entirely sure the end of the novel is a very good lesson as it ends with Cyd content to mostly just exist online and not in the real world. But this is done tongue-in-cheek, not seriously. I’ve made the story sound very serious but it’s full of humor.

What Parents Will Like About It:

If you play any online MMORPG games, you’ll like this book. Gamers will appreciate the in-jokes. The real life counterparts behind the online personas are also well-drawn. I particularly enjoyed the pregnant mother, Clara, who liked kicking butt online. As someone who had a friend fall in love and marry someone she met on a MMORPG, this book is a great illustration of how that happens.

Best Panel:

Cyd’s very dramatic break-up with her real life boyfriend after she finally realizes how much he’s abused her trust. I love the expression on her face.

Extras/About the Creator:

Felicia Day is, of course, an internet superstar and starred as Penny in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. This comic is an origin story to her popular web show, The Guild, which is now on season four. The graphic novel stands alone but will likely resonate more with those who follow the web series.

Jim Rugg, the artist for the graphic novel, deserves a great deal of credit for converting these live action characters into great comic art. He keeps a blog to update readers on his current projects.

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