10 Signs You’re a GeekDad

Geek Culture

Image via Photobucket user kylieluvr1968

These are not all the possible signs — not by a long shot. But here are ten that can be telltale indicators (and perhaps badges of honor as well):

  1. You named your children any of the following: Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, Aragorn, Arwen, Bilbo, Frodo, Starbuck, Ash, Buckaroo, or Dent Arthur Dent.
  2. You haven’t vacuumed the living room for fear the Lego bricks might break the Roomba.
  3. The description of your home theater setup includes the words “RAID array.”
  4. Your kid’s college fund is based on your comic book collection (props to Kathy C.’s earlier post on Signs You’re Married to a GeekDad).
  5. Family trip destinations almost always include “-con” in the name.
  6. Your daughter considers herself a self-rescuing princess.
  7. Your son practices the tenets of chivalry and/or IDIC at preschool.
  8. Your babies’ names are already secured as both domain names and Twitter handles.
  9. March 14th and September 22nd are considered special holidays at home.
  10. Episode IV comes first: it’s just good parenting.
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