Silly Bandz: They’re Not Just for Your Wrists Anymore

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In December I got a notice that the ubiquitous Silly Bandz were coming to video game format. Full disclosure: I was skeptical that it could work as a video game; however, with a child spending allowance to gain more Silly Bandz, I decided to review the game through the eyes of my younger kids. I was surprised with the results.

Artwork provided by Zoo Games, Inc.Artwork provided by Zoo Games, Inc.

Silly Bandz have become a frequent accessory and play-thing in our home. (For an interesting side-bar, cruise over to Wikipedia’s Silly Bandz page for a bit of history.) Allowance was being spent whenever we hit a store that had the silicone-rubber bands for sale. When I opened the package that came with the review copy of the game, the younger kids were excited and immediately ran for their Nintendo DS.

Silly Bandz the game (rated E) comes in Nintendo DS and Apple iOS formats from Zoo Games. The object is simple: use Silly Bandz to knock down and destroy obstacles. Successfully completing the challenges unlocks more Silly Bandz and rescues the other Silly Bandz that have been taken captive.

With 40 levels across different environments like nature, maritime, party, and fantasy settings, the kids can eventually unlock 200 Silly Bandz. As you unlock different Silly Bandz, some of them come with special powers/effects that help complete the missions.

This has kept my kids playing the game for the past several weeks. Again, my skepticism was that the kids would play it for 10 or 20 minutes and be done with it and find it boring. However, they’ve found it strangely addicting. It seems they like the game for the ease in picking it up and playing for a bit – some levels are easy and some are more challenging. The game is something that skews to the younger members of the family – the two that have played it in my home were 9 and 11. The cool part for me was watching them co-operate when one of them got stuck on a level. The one not playing had ideas for how to stretch and launch the bandz to clear the obstacles and they would jointly celebrate with a new level completed.

Wired: Fun puzzle game for Nintendo DS and iOS, lots of levels and obstacles to over-come, introduction of some basic physics (without the kids knowing it).

Tired: We’ve had lots more requests for Silly Bandz in our home; the game is for younger children.

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