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Board Game Remix KitBoard Game Remix Kit

Matt Forbeck mentioned the Boardgame Remix Kit in his Valentine Games post yesterday, but here’s a slightly more in-depth look at it. Hide & Seek Productions has come up with a few additions to their brilliant Boardgame Remix Kit, just in time for both “romantics and cynics.” It’s a free download so if you weren’t sure about picking up the Remix Kit in any of its incarnations, check this one out to try out the flavor.

Here’s what’s included:

WLTM Humpty Dumpty: Create silly personal ads using Trivial Pursuit cards. (By the way, “WLTM” is apparently personal-ad-speak for “would like to meet.” I had to look it up because I’d only heard of “ISO” for “in search of,” but I suppose I could be out of the loop.) Want to make it a real competition? Everyone puts their ad in the paper—whoever gets the most responses wins.

Divorce!: For you grumpy players and cynics, get out your old Monopoly set and play through Wooing, Marriage and Divorce while trying to end up with more property than your ex. Go around the board, collecting assets and paying taxes—until the Waterworks show up. Then you fight over the properties.

ROFDLT: Acronym fun with Scrabble tiles! Make up an acronym with the tiles you have, and then do that to your partner while they try to guess what the letters stand for. (I’ll warn you here that this one’s a PG-13 game, or possibly higher depending on how you play the game—probably best to put the kids to bed before you play.)

I Brought You This Piping to Show You My Love: Got an old Clue set? This bizarre twist has you moving from room to room in an attempt to bring your beloved the perfect gift (like a length of lead pipe) so they can’t turn down your proposal. But beware—there’s a room in the mansion they absolutely despise and if you propose there, they’ll turn you down. Oh, and there’s also the tricky situation that the one you love is in love with somebody else. So you better be quick and figure out if Miss Peacock prefers candlesticks or revolvers.

Go have a look—whether you play the games or not, the rules are a lot of fun to read and Hide & Seek has done an excellent job playing with these classics!

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