Fierce Creatures: Mouse Guard and Berona’s War

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Mouse Guard: Legend of Calla's GhostMouse Guard: Legend of Calla's Ghost

Mouse Guard: Legend of Calla's Ghost.

Small furry creatures can be quite vicious—as evidenced by these two books from Archaia Press. Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard I is a collection of tales set by various writers and artists set in the world David Petersen created and Berona’s War: Field Guide is a bizarre field guide to the vicious war between the Ele-Alta and Cropones over the land of Amity. If you love stories about epic battles and weird little critters, be sure to check these out. Mouse Guard is a more serious take on the subject and Berona’s War is … well, it’s a bit weird.

I should note that in both of these volumes I felt that the artwork was stronger than the writing, which can be a little stilted at times and contains some misspellings and incorrect punctuation. It pains me, but these two worlds are so fascinating that I’m willing to overlook some of the grammar errors in order to enjoy the artwork.

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Disclosure: Archaia Press provided copies of both books for review purposes.

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