The Bones: Us And Our Dice Takes A Closer Look At Our Polyhedral Obsession

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Cover art for the book "The Bones - Us And Our Dice"Cover art for the book "The Bones - Us And Our Dice"Have you ever been so sick of low rolls, you destroyed your dice in a ritual execution? Do you have an addiction to buying new dice? Have you ever let out a sigh after rolling a 20 (when you only needed a 12) and thought “Well, I just wasted a perfectly good roll”? Has your blood pressure skyrocketed as someone else was so bold as to touch your dice? Did you ever think your dice hated you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you will definitely enjoy reading The Bones: Us And Our Dice. This 200-plus page book is a collection of articles and essays covering everything from a history of our polyhedron pals to many tales of triumph of the tombstones to the bane of the bones. There’s a d6 worth of articles and a whole d20 worth of essays — you can roll to decide what to read first!

About two dozen authors contributed to The Bones, including GeekDad superfriend John Kovalic (who also has an illustrated brief history of gaming in the book), Mike Selinker, Will Hindmarch and, of course, Wil Wheaton.

The Bones is a wonderful and entertaining read for anyone who has ever gamed. You’ll smile as you recognize the victories in getting the perfect roll at the right time and commiserate with the low roll that caused everything to fall apart. In between, you’ll laugh and maybe even learn something.

The Bones: Us And Our Dice retails for $18.95 from Gameplaywright Press.

Disclosure: Gameplaywright Press sent us a review copy of this book.

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