Relive 16-bit Glory Days With DSi-ware

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Perhaps the worst thing about the Nintendo DSi is the built in online store for download games. It’s slow at the best of times and fiddly to navigate. So I thought I’d save you trawling through games on that tiny screen by suggesting my latest DSi-ware go to game.

Glory Days Tactical DefenseGlory Days Tactical DefenseGlory Days Tactical Defense (200 Nintendo points) brings 16-bit gameplay and forced-3D visuals back to life on the DSi. Its strategic real-time gameplay is carried off impressively with a graphical engine that answers all that is asked of it.

It takes the same accessible approach of the previous game (Pop Island that offered an 8 player capture the flag challenge) and adds tactical elements.

Play is set amongst howling sandstorms that subside to reveal waves of enemies on the horizon. You use the lower screen on the DS to manage your resources and plan your attack, while the action is rendered in 3d on the top screen.

Although at first things look a little simplistic, but upon further inspection you realize this is more like a 3D Advance Wars or throw back to games of old like Virus, Zarch, Conqueror and Zeewolf on the Amiga and Archimedes.

Odenis Studio’s can impressively handle up to 300 units in real time — and without the frame rate dropping. Add to that the 3D navigation and dynamic music and this is a DSi-ware game that looks to punch well above its weight. The similarities to Advance Wars don’t end with the visuals. Here too, each unit can be micro-managed. Each can be inspected, repaired and upgraded.

Wired: Miniature strategy warfare.

Tired: Lightweight missions.

Glory Days is available via the DSi-ware store on the DSi for 200 Nintendo Points. 2000 points can be purchased from Amazon for $17.99.

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