What’s New In Pokémon Black/White?

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Unlike its titular characters Pokémon games have evolved slowly over time. To the simple but addictive original outing the series added color, the day-and-night cycle, Pokémon breeding, in-game contests, two-on-two battles and external peripheral support gradually over ensuing generations, all the while holding true to the core aesthetic by encouraging players to capture each member of the ever-growing roster of Pocket Monsters.

With the American release of the franchise’s fifth generation, Pokémon Black and White, just a bit more than a month away, Nintendo recently unveiled many of the titles’ new features. In addition to the requisite fresh crop of creatures, more than 150 never-before-seen-Pokémon in all, and a faster IR Communication system for battling and trading with friends, Black and White will also boast Triple Battles.

Triple Battles debut in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, giving players more ways than ever to battle their customized team of Pokémon. Conducted in three-on-three format, Triple Battles introduce even more strategy to the game’s already deep battle system. Depending on a Pokémon’s placement in the battle lineup, it will only be able to attack certain Pokémon from an opponent’s trio, providing an exciting new way to battle. For example, a Pokémon in the center of a player’s lineup can attack any of its three opponents. However, a Pokémon positioned on the left or right of the formation can only attack the Pokémon in the middle of the opposing lineup, or directly in front of it.

Check out the video below for a look at these new features in action, and peruse the games’ official site for more details.

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