Magicka: So Bad It’s Good


Calling all wizards! The time has come for you and up to three others to save the world!

I just picked up Magicka on Steam because of the trailer below. If you watch and enjoy the trailer, then you will probably like the game. As one reviewer said “It is so bad, it’s good.” The self-deprecating game, which pokes fun of other games just to feel better about itself, is available for the modest price of $9.99 — and you do get your money’s worth.

About Magicka:

Developed by Arrowhead studios, Magicka throws players into a realm filled with hordes of ogres, goblins, and other monsters you’ve seen countless times in games and movies throughout the last 50 years. Explore the land alone or cooperatively as you and your “friends” battle through the masses to save the world and be mocked incessantly by the entire population when you perish trying to do so. Put your robe on and get ready to do lots of prancing around in the forest!

The Trailer:

Magicka Infomercial

Click here to play the demo or purchase on Steam

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