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Shield Limited by Agent 18Shield Limited by Agent 18

Agent 18's Shield Limited case

With the iPhone not yet available on my preferred carrier, I typically get my iOS on using my 4th generation iPod Touch. While not quite as elegant or functional as its big brother, it’s a fantastic device that I never leave home without. This, of course, necessitates that I take special pains to protect my investment.

Since purchasing the Touch immediately after its North American launch I’ve been content to shield it from the elements using an inexpensive silicon sleeve. Recently, however, I upgraded to the Shield Limited hard-shell case by Agent 18, a small southern California company “made up of nine friends and three dogs.”

In addition to looking rather snazzy, the two-piece, slide-together polycarbonate construction of the Shield Limited affords a higher level of protection for my iPod than a simple skin. It guards the system’s oh-so-scratchable metal back against dust and grime while still affording easy access to all necessary buttons and ports. The case even boasts a raised lip that helps protect the sensitive screen from drop damage. (I’d love to say that I’m a careful consumer who doesn’t require such assurance, but, alas, I do!)

This ridge, however, does pose a bit of a problem for those of us who still use screen covers. It fits so snugly against the touchscreen that it can cause bubbling and separation of even the most expertly placed screen protector. This coupled with an obvious lack of color and design options — there are only three at present — does serve to dampen my enthusiasm a bit, but the fact remains that the Agent 18 Shield Limited is a fine product.

The only true negative is the case’s price. At $34.95 it’s a bit on the steep side, but not outrageously so when compared to similar products. The fact that the Shield Limited also comes bundled with a simple metal media stand doesn’t do much to take the sting out of the pricing, but the quality of the case itself admittedly reflects Agent 18′s dedication to helping you keep your beloved iPod safe in a world fraught with danger.

WIRED: solid two-piece polycarbonate design, high gloss finish, offers great protection against typical fall damage

TIRED: only three design options, doesn’t play well with screen covers, price

Review materials provided by: Agent 18

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