10 Year Old Girl Breaks Record For Youngest Supernova Discovery


The Supernova discovered by 10 year old Kathryn Aurora Gray.The Supernova discovered by 10 year old Kathryn Aurora Gray.

Supernova in Galaxy UGC 3378 (Image from Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Press Release)

A 10 year old girl from New Brunswick now holds the record for being the youngest person to discover a supernova, according to an announcement by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Press release here. Kathryn Aurora Gray of Fredericton found the Supernova (located in galaxy UGC 3378), while being supervised by her father, Paul Gray and family friend, David Lane.

By the way, this was the 7th supernova discovery Kathryn’s father has been a part of, although his first wasn’t until he’d reached the grizzled age of 22.

From the National Post.

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