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GeekDad Tron Week, images from DisneyGeekDad Tron Week, images from Disney

GeekDad Tron Week, images from Disney

My home has become another node on the “Grid”. Even though we have known about TRON: Legacy for nearly two years, it has suddenly swept over my family with new found fandom. My six-year old would so much like to venture onto the Grid and play games with Sam Flynn, that I felt compelled to assist him with toys. Here are a few of the fun things that we picked up to help bring the movie home.

TRON Impulse Projection Action Figure

S. Flynn photo by T.Sims

These action figures feature the characters Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund) and Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges). They are also available in a large size scale of 7.5 inches and ultimate scale size of 12 inches. We decided on the 12 inch scale so that he could mingle with older Star Wars 12 inch and the occasional Barbie. The reason they are called ‘impulse projection’ is because they actually do project the moving image of the character’s face inside the helmet of the figure. It also speaks phrases from the movies and lights up just as their costumes do. The Sam Flynn figure comes with a light katana, baton, quarterstaff, light nunchucks and his identity disc. The figure and the weapons are all made of top notch materials – in fact the disc and most the weapons are metal. I highly recommend this for the kids and the collector in the household.

TRON Zero Gravity Light Cycle
This was more of a gift for me as it was the kids. These light cycles feature the Air Hog technology that lets them ride on walls and ceilings. GeekDad has already featured these in one of our Holiday Buyer’s Guides and it has been declared a “Holiday Hot” toy by FunFare Magazine, so I am not going to go into great detail. The real fun is having two of them. With two, players can play the light cycle game like in the movies and try to avoid the light trail that is emitted from behind the vehicle. Yes, you heard that correct – it emits a six-foot light trail that the other cycle can sense. Crossing the tail equals destruction; actually it turns the cycle off, which is bad when played on walls and ceilings…

TRON: Legacy Light Runner ballpoint pen
This is totally for me. In my non-playtime, I work at a desk job. I saw this and knew that I had to have something that would show off my love for all things TRON, but not be as brazen as a light up necktie. This glow-in-the-dark ballpoint pen features graphics much like the costumes in the movie, and was produced by the reputable maker of fine writing instruments, Retro 1951. I was a little disappointed at first that it did not light up on its own. However, the space that would have been required to add electronics would have sacrificed the quality of the pen and would have made it unwieldy and cheap.

TRON Hurley Tee Shirt
When you go to see the movie, you have to have something to wear, right? Hurley has an entire collection of casual sportswear and surfwear inspired by the movie. I, myself will be sporting the new logo tee shirt in ‘good guy’ blue. Yes, you can buy these in blue or orange to show your allegiance to your programming type. Another great feature of the Hurley TRON collection is they include black light effects.

These great products can be found at retailers everywhere or online at and

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