Don’t Miss This Great Robot Christmas Book! The Twelve Bots of Christmas (And A Funny Interview with Nathan Hale)

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If you don’t know the name Nathan Hale, I’d like to be the one to introduce him to you. He’s a geekmom treasure who needs to be discovered. No, he’s no relation to the historical figure (who was a spy for the Continental Army and was best remembered for saying, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”). I’m sure Nathan Hale, the author, is very patriotic, but just for the record, he had nothing to do with the Revolutionary War.

The author Nathan Hale has a great new book, a Christmas classic for any geek kid, or geek parent who reads to a geek kid. It’s called The Twelve Bots of Christmas, and is just the thing for the mechanically minded who might have grown weary with the same old holiday songs and books.

As you can guess, this clever book is a takeoff on the Twelve Days of Christmas song, and it’s robots and gears all the way. The first stanza, along with its bright, humorous illustrations, is enough to make you crave more.

“On the first day of Christmas, Robo-Santa gave to me … a Cartridge in a Gear Tree!”

[To read more about the book and to read the interview, head on over to Judy Berna’s post at GeekMom!]

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