The 12 Days of Geekmas Giveaway Begins Tomorrow!

Hacking the Holidays

12 Days of Geekmas12 Days of Geekmas

This Thursday marks the final night of Hanukkah, but it also kicks off the third annual celebration that is the 12 Days of Geekmas! What makes 12DoG – as we call it around the old water cooler – so special, you ask? Well, theoretical-person-who-didn’t-actually-ask-anything, let me tell you.

We GeekDads typically spend the bulk of our year reviewing products, promoting projects and blogging our experiences, while you, the GeekDad audience, tune in daily to comment on our posts and point us towards even more amazing content. Over the last several years our readership has increased so drastically as to afford us even more wonderful products, projects and experiences about which to blog! We owe it all to you, and 12DoG lets us repay you in cold, hard swag.

The 12 Days of Geekmas is an opportunity for us to thank you for your valuable input and much appreciated attention. Please join us over the next 12 days as we offer a series of daily posts and mini-podcasts detailing a dozen amazing prize packs up for grabs.

With the help of podcast sponsor MapHook and prizes provided by the likes of Sony, Verizon Wireless, Logitech, BBC America Shop and the Discovery Store, we are prepared to rock your holidays. Hard.

So keep a keen eye on your RSS reader for ample opportunities to win. It’s just our little way of thanking you for being an integral part of the GeekDad experience.

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