The GeekMoms Go There: Talking About Sex With Your Kids

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Image: Kate Miller

Over at GeekMom, both Andrea Schwalm and Kate Miller have quite a lot to say on the subject of talking sex with kids. Their humorous, and poignant, takes on raising kids in this day and age is a must-read for all parents, Dad and Mom alike.

From Andrea’s post, Cultural Condomnation: Let’s Talk About Sex (With Our Kids)

So there we were in rush hour, driving down the Long Island Expressway, and from the eleven year old in the back seat comes the question:

“So, Mom, if guys can get erections, I’m wondering, does anything like that happen to girls?”

I’ve got to admit, when I get these questions—and these days they are coming with an insistent, rhythmic regularity—my first instinct is to look around for my husband and suggest a guy’s night out. Or, better yet: a weekend. Hey! I’ll supply the informational pamphlets!

And from Kate’s post, Confessions of a Sex-Ed Addict:

I love talking about sex. With kids.

As a social scientist, I’ve spent my career researching women’s health in sub-Saharan Africa and the US. I’ve seen great health care and health care so crappy you wouldn’t wish it on a dog. I’ve presented publicly on sexual behavior, discussed vaginal secretions with colleagues of both genders, and published papers on contraception, abortion, infertility, sexually-transmitted infections, you name it. The stuff comes easy to me.

Yes, with kids.

Hear that noise? That’s the sound of America calling Child Protective Services on my ass right now. Please hang up, America. At least hear me out.

So head on over and get some tips about going there.

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