Clone Wars Adventures Is Free Fun For Your Padawan – Plus A Special GeekDad Giveaway


Virtual worlds are all the rage in games for kids these days and what could be more exciting than one based on the Star Wars universe? Clone Wars Adventures is a browser-based game where you can live out all the thrills and adventure of the Clone Wars animated series. All of your favorite series characters are there from Anakin to Yoda and the game presents daily activities, mini-games and lots of kid-friendly fun. Best of all, the game is free to play.

Of course, like all free virtual world games, the free game has limited content. In order to get everything out of the game, a monthly subscription is required. Fortunately, as the game kicks off, a Galactic Passport is available, including a 90-day premium membership, 500 station cash for purchasing in game items, an exclusive Togruta playable character species and a Yoda bobblehead monitor topper. (The bobblehead is pretty sweet.)

The Galactic Passport is a $30 value, but sells for $19.99. And GeekDad has two to give away to our readers. If you’d like a chance at winning one, just leave a comment below and we’ll pick a couple of lucky winners at random before the end of the day tomorrow.

The game has parental controls so you can feel safe while your young one explores the galaxy via a browser. It should also be noted that Clone Wars adventures is for Windows only.

Edit: we’ve picked our winners. Thanks for commenting.

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