Sports Illustrated Gives Kids All Access To Locker Rooms, Pro Athletes And More

Geek Culture

We don’t talk about sports a lot at GeekDad. I guess we’re too busy thinking about video games, books, science, and other pursuits. But when Sports Illustrated for Kids All Access came across our desk, we stopped to take a look. All Access is a unique take on sports, seldom seen. It answers all those between inning questions like “how are baseball bats made?” and “what’s in a baseball?”. If your child (or you) have ever wondered what it was like inside the scoreboard at Boston’s Fenway Park, All Access has you covered.

You’ll also learn how the Staples Center can go from an ice hockey game to a basketball game in less than four hours. The book examines football equipment over the years and takes an inside look at a handful of big-time athletes. And there’s lots, lots more. If you’ve got a curious sports fan in your house, give All Access a look.

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