Road Trip! Destination: Motorcity

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Image: © Disney Channel

Evil, resource-rich overlord? Check. Scrappy rebels? Check. Battleground? Detroit.

Disney’s XD network sounds like it’s gunning for a familiar-but-fun feel with next fall’s Motorcity cartoon series, which has just started production.

Motorcity will be “set in a futuristic Detroit after it has been purchased and built into Detroit Deluxe by evil billionaire Abraham Kane,” according to Disney’s announcement.

The show’s got some nicely geek-credentialed creative types behind it, from animation writing veterans George Krstic (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and John O’Bryan (Avatar: The Last Airbender) to story editor Craig Lewis (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends) to executive producer and director Chris Prynoski (nerd-culture-rich Megas XLR, which Krstic also co-created).

And the villain, Abraham Kane? Voiced by some guy named Mark Hamill.

More from the press release: Kane, having banned personal freedoms including automobile transportation, is ultimately challenged by a group of rebels who call themselves The Burners. Led by 17-year-old Mike Chilton, The Burners retreat to an underground city, customize their fleet of hot rods and pursue their quest to stop Kane from taking over the world.

Disney Television Animation and Prynoski’s Titmouse Inc. are partnering to produce the show, which, given the track records of both, hopefully means we’re in for some striking visuals to go with what should be some strong storytelling.

I would also not be surprised if there were robots involved.

If you feel like checking out Disney XD’s full statement on the show, it’s in .doc format here.

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