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Flickin' ChickensFlickin' Chickens

The Ugly: Flickin’ Chickens

Overview: Flickin’ Chicken Tournament Edition is a slightly enhanced version of The Haywire Group’s original chicken-flinging game. It’s like bocce, except that the target is a frisbee-like disc, and the balls are rubber chickens. Get your chicken to the disc in the fewest number of throws.

Players: 2 to 6

Ages: 6 and up (although any kid who can fling a rubber chicken could play)

Playing Time: 30 minutes average, but can easily be lengthened or shortened

Retail: $25.99 for the regular edition or $29.99 for the Tournament Edition

Rating: Ugly, but surprisingly fun

Who Will Like It? I imagine most kids will like this, because you’re throwing chickens. It’s ridiculous. Also, if you’re a fan of bocce, this is a fun twist on that.

Theme: I’m not sure where this idea came from, and I was pretty skeptical at first. But it’s hard not to smile when you’re flinging rubber chickens around in the yard (or indoors!) and watching them bounce around. It can be much harder than bocce, because unlike balls, chickens don’t tend to bounce and roll in a straight line. You have no idea which way they’re going to bounce when they hit.

Components: 6 rubber chickens (in different colors), a target disc, score-keeper pad with pencil, carrying bag. The chickens are slightly smaller than your typical gag chicken, about 6 or 7 inches from head to toe, and they’re made of pretty soft rubber and hollow inside. The target disc is like a fabric frisbee with a plastic edge. The only component that wasn’t great is the mesh carrying bag—because of the way the wide straps are used to cinch it up, it’s hard to get open all the way in order to insert the target disc. Everything else is fine.

(The original version has only four chickens, a slightly different target disc, and no carrying bag.)

Gameplay: Not much to it: throw the target disc, chuck your chickens at it and keep track of the number of throws. At the end of nine rounds, whoever has the lowest score wins. The Tournament Edition target disc also adds a bonus or penalty, depending on which side it lands on. If the chicken is touching the center circle, you add or subtract one from the score as indicated.

Conclusion: Flickin’ Chicken is a silly game that you can’t take seriously, and it’s a fun way to get outside and run around with your kids for a while.

Wired: Throw rubber chickens at a target! What else do you need?

Tired: Carrying bag is poorly designed. PETA might object to the cruel treatment of poultry.

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