Roads Go Ever On With Interactive Map of Middle-Earth

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Map of Middle-earthMap of Middle-earth

Image: Kris Kowal

Check out this amazing interactive map of Tolkien’s Middle-earth, programmed by Kris Kowal. It’s like Google Maps for the Third Age of Arda; zoom, pan and even search (in English, Sindarin, Westron, et al.) for locations. The labels are in English or Sindarin (with the Tengwar alphabet, of course).

The map is an ongoing project and Kowal welcomes anyone to join in its creation. All materials, including code and high-resolution graphics, are licensed under Creative Commons.

I for one would like to see a more in-depth Shire, including such important hobbit landmarks as The Floating Log Inn, Great Smials and the Bucklebury Ferry. And it’d be super cool for all us Tolkien geeks if Arda‘s other ages got the digital treatment.

Interactive Middle-earth Maps (via Neatorama)

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