Harry Potter and the Return to Lego

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Lego Hogwarts CastleLego Hogwarts Castle

It’s been a tough three years for fans of Lego and the Harry Potter stories. When the theme was discontinued at the end of 2007, many of us despaired of them ever coming back. When Lego and Warner Brothers announced earlier this year that six new sets would be coming out this fall, hope was restored. And now the release date is less than a month away!

In addition to the Lego Hogwarts game that came out last month, six new sets will hit shelves on October 1. Most of them are retreads of old sets, with somewhat different designs and different minifigs, but that’s not a bad thing, really: I’d be much happier paying $130 for a new Hogwarts set than paying $500-something for an old one. The sets are, in ascending order of price and awesomeness: Freeing Dobby, Quidditch Match, Hagrid’s Hut, The Burrow, Hogwarts Express and of course Hogwarts Castle.

Luna Lovegood minifigLuna Lovegood minifigAs far as I’m aware, the only truly new set among those is The Burrow. While this set looks excellent, I’m a bit annoyed that it’s based on the movie of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and not on that or any of the other books. You can tell this because the set includes minifigs of Fenrir Greyback and Bellatrix Lestrange, as well as flames that you can put on the house to show it burning — as every fan of the books knows, the scene in the film where Greyback and Bellatrix attack the protagonists at The Burrow and set the house ablaze appears not at all in the book.

But no matter: the sets are still very cool, and I’m sure my family will be acquiring several. Just from the pictures online, my favorite is Hogwarts Castle, but its price and the coolness of the Hogwarts Express one might make me change my mind — heck, the latter might be worth it just to get the awesome Luna Lovegood minifig.

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