Comic-Con Round-Up: For Adults


Darth & BobaDarth & Boba

Whatever it is these guys are up to, it's probably not for kids.

Well, here’s my last Comic-Con Round-Up for 2010. You’re surely thinking something like: “Comic-Con? That was weeks ago!” and you’re absolutely right. But Comic-Con is so enormous that you could literally spend months sifting through everything. I’ve mentioned some of my finds for younger kids, and then for tweens and teens—and many of those are things that adults will certainly enjoy. This list, however, is for books that probably aren’t appropriate for your kids—things that are marked “for mature readers,” that I think are worth mentioning.

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe – Charles Yu

Extra Lives – Tom Bissell

My Best Friend is a Wookiee – Tony Pacitti

RASL – Jeff Smith

Lucky in Love – George Chieffet

Bodyworld – Dash Shaw

Elephantmen – Richard Starkings et al.

Radical Publishing: Time Bomb, Oblivion, Mata Hari, and more

North 40 – Aaron Williams & Fiona Staples

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