Awful Library Books Are Awfully Entertaining


Disposable Car SeatDisposable Car Seat

Three words you probably don't want to hear together.

Ah, the 1970s.

A simpler time, when kids played outdoors and parents weren’t burdened with concerns like whether superheroes were bad for their kids or if their car seats actually kept their kids safe. Yep, back then all you needed was a couple large cardboard boxes and a utility knife to build your own car seat. None of this fancy five-point harness LATCH-system fancy-schmancy business. Just a semi-solid seat that raised your kid up high enough to fly out the windshield in a head-on collision.

This gem is one of many from Awful Library Books — click through to see the full page, from a 1974 book entitled Nomadic Furniture. Mary and Holly are librarians from Michigan who love to collect interesting specimens from libraries, and there are some incredible finds, often submitted by readers.

Check it out! You never know what you’ll find, Leonard Nimoy’s poetry or a book all about living in the future (i.e., 2010).

Please note: GeekDad does not recommend making car seats out of cardboard. Try robots instead.

Thanks to Nate B. for the tip!

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