Phil Plait’s Sooper Sekrit Project Revealed: Bad Universe on Discovery!


If you’re a reader of this blog, or most any geeky blog out there, you know about Phil Plait. He’s a champion for science, a promoter of vaccination, a debunker of myth, a skeptic, a heck of a nice guy. If you read his blog or follow him on Twitter, you already know that he’s been working on a Sooper Sekrit Project for a while. Up until now, it’s been left as an exercise for the reader to debate about what the project is. I didn’t give it too much thought since I knew that it would eventually be revealed, and that it would be awesome.

Photo: Ed Williams

Well, it has been revealed, and it is awesome. Phil Plait will have a new show, coming soon, on the Discovery Channel. It will be called Bad Universe. He will debunk junk science. He will separate fact from fiction. He will have to scale down his model explosions just to keep from blowing up the Earth.

If you enjoyed his books Death From the Skies! or Bad Astronomy, chances are you’ll enjoy Bad Universe.

From all of us here at GeekDad, a hearty congratulations to Phil Plait on his new show. We can’t wait to see it! Plus, it’s always heartening when success comes to those who deserve it.

For those who want more Phil Plait, more of the time, read my interview with him from last year where we talk about a wide variety of geeky topics.

I can’t wait to see if they come out with Bad Universe comic books.

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