Super-Cheap SuperDad Shirt for Father’s Day


SuperDad t-shirt from TeeFurySuperDad t-shirt from TeeFury


Father’s Day can be a huge responsibility. It’s a lot of work, even for us dads. After all, you have to remember to call your own pops. You’ve got the father-in-law, too. Maybe your best buddy just became a dad, too, so don’t forget him.

What’s better than a phone call? How about an affordable-yet-awesome t-shirt proclaiming the wearer to be the superest of all dads? TeeFury has got you covered, at least until midnight tonight.

TeeFury sells a unique user-designed t-shirt every 24 hours, for $9 a pop. So catch this one while it’s hot, because it’ll be gone tomorrow. Might as well buy one for yourself while you’re at it, right?

And if the dads in your life need some body coverage for their more Clark Kent-ish moments, don’t forget the official GeekDad t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

Buy the shirt from TeeFury

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