Mother’s Day: What to Do for the Geeky Mom in Your Life

Hacking the Holidays


So this is the weekend we’re all supposed to do something special for the moms in our lives – either our own moms, or the moms to our geeklets. Many of us GeekDads are lucky enough to be married to women who aren’t just moms to our kids, but GEEK moms. This facet can obviously make Mother’s Day a more interesting day to program that the usual flowers and a dinner out. So what are some good things to do for your geeky mom?

  • Family trip to the local science museum followed by a few hours at the video game arcade.
  • All-day original trilogy Star Wars marathon (LOTR can be substituted here for those with alternate tastes and longer attention spans).
  • Cook a multi-course meal of dishes mimicking food from geeky movies and television shows.
  • Take her shopping for new computer equipment.
  • Comic book store! (yes, we know last weekend was FCBD, but did she really get everything she wanted?)
  • Redecorate your TV room to look like the bridge of the USS Enterprise, and she gets the center seat.

Well, that last one may take a bit longer than a day, but you get the idea. Anyway, what about you? What are you going to do for your geeky mom this Mother’s Day? Drop us a description in the comments!

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