Star Wars: Uncut — A Crowdsourced Shot-for-Shot Remake



The idea of remaking the original Star Wars is ridiculous, of course. The idea of remaking it shot-for-shot seems both preposterous and futile. So why does the idea of remaking it shot-for-shot, with each 15-second clip remade differently, seem just crazy enough that it might work?

The idea for Star Wars: Uncut was the brainchild of Casey Pugh, a former employee of Boxee and Vimeo. He went through the entire movie and divided it into 15-second pieces — 472 of them. He then made each piece available on the project’s website for people to claim and re-create. Each person/group was allowed to claim up to three scenes, and some scenes were remade by as many as four people/groups. If that sounds like it would be haphazard, it is a bit, but Pugh did have the great idea of keeping the movie’s original audio over every clip, so that helps tie everything together.

Now the project has been completed, and Pugh and his team are ready to show the film at a festival in Copenhagen next week, with several screenings in New York City to follow. The project’s website will also be redesigned to allow users to pick which clips they want for each scene.

So, how good is the final product? Well, based on the bits I’ve seen, it’s a bit hit-or-miss, but many of the bits are just inspired. You can go to the website to see any clip you want, or content yourself for the time being with the trailer (immediately below) and the teaser (after the jump, the scene where the heroes escape the Death Star on the Millennium Falcon).

Oh, and, if you’re interested in participating in such a project, Pugh says he has every intention of doing the same thing with The Empire Strikes Back in the near future.

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Star Wars Uncut “The Escape” from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

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